​​​The 2023 "Meet the Professor" Evening Program Calendar

Session 1: February 2, 2023

Annual UW Wade Volwiler Visiting Professor Event

“Familial Colon Cancer Syndromes"

John M. Carethers, M.D.
Vice Chancellor for Health Sciences, UC San Diego

Rainier Club, Seattle

Session 2: June 8, 2023

Local Star Special Event

“Shining Light Where the Sun Don’t Shine: Is Colonoscopy Really the Best Screening Test?”
Jason A. Dominitz M.D., M.H.S.

National director of Gastroenterology for the Veterans Health Administration,

Acting Chief of Gastroenterology for the VA Puget Sound.

UW Professor of Gastroenterology and Medicine

​Rainier Club, Seattle

Session 3: September 28, 2023

​Nutrition in NAFLD : Beyond “Calories In Calories Out”

​Jennifer Lai, M.D.

Rainier Club, Seattle

Session 4: December 7, 2023

Holiday Mixer Event

An Updated Approach to Acute Pancreatitis

Gregory A. Coté, M.D., M.S.

​Oregon Health & Science University

Rainier Club, Seattle

The 2024 "Meet the Professor" Evening Program Calendar

Session 1: February 29, 2024

Lin Chang, M.D.


Rainier Club, Seattle

Session 2: April 18, 2024

Annual UW Wade Volwiler Visiting Professor Event

Neena S. Abraham, M.D.​

Mayo Clinic

​Rainier Club, Seattle

Session 3: June 20, 2024

Annual UW Hepatology Event

Ray Kim


Rainier Club, Seattle

Session 4: Date/Faculty/Lecture Pending

Session 5: December 5, 2024

Annual Holiday Mixer Event

Faculty/Lecture Pending

Rainier Club, Seattle

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The PNWGS is honored to welcome

Gregory A. Coté, M.D., M.S.

Professor of Medicine, Division of Gastroenterology and
Hepatology, School of Medicine
Oregon Health & Science University

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“An Updated Approach to Acute Pancreatitis”

Join Us for Dinner at the Annual Holiday Mixer Event!

December 7, 2023​​​

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Parental Leave (and Pumpkin Spice) with Lauren Feld, M.D.

​​Join us for this important conversation regarding gender equity and parental leave in the field of gastroenterology with our guest Dr. Lauren Feld! Listen to the end for our favorite fall treats. Dr. Feld is a hepatology fellow at the University of Washington in Seattle, WA. 

***Trigger warning: This conversation includes discussions on pregnancy, parenting and brief mention of pregnancy loss.

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